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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we book a taxi in advance and how would I go about doing this?
    Perth Radio Taxis will be more than happy to accommodate an advanced booking just call us on 01738 580058. If you are looking to book an airport transfer or wedding car either phone us or go to our home page and have a look at what we can offer.
  2. How can I pay for my taxi?
    Perth Radio Taxis accept cash as well as having the facility to accept all major credit and debit cards. If you are a business we also provide credit account facilities.
  3. I am a business, do you offer corporate accounts and if so how can I open one and what are your payment terms? Perth Radio Taxis have many corporate accounts and therefore we would be more than happy to help you with this. Please call our Corporate Account Manager on 07879331126 to discuss in more detail. We offer 30 day credit facilities and once invoiced you can pay by BACS, credit card or cheque.
  4. Can I book an airport transfer?
    Perth Radio Taxis can arrange an airport transfer for you for any airport that you are flying into. A driver can meet you at arrivals or the car park. Either or is no problem.
  5. How much will my taxi cost?
    The cost of your journey will depend on the distance and time of day the journey takes place. All our fares are regulated by Perth and Kinross Council and our tariffs can be viewed on our website.
  6. Can your taxis accommodate wheelchairs?
    Yes, Perth Radio Taxis have currently got 4 wheelchair taxis working in our office 24/7. We realise that these are in high demand and are currently looking at expanding the number of these in our fleet.
  7. I need a package delivered can you do this for me?
    Perth Radio Taxis will be more than happy to deliver your package all we will require is to take payment in advance so call us on 01738 580058 to arrange the delivery.
  8. I live outside Perth will you take me home?
    Perth Radio Taxis take a “distance is no object approach” to all of our work and will be more than happy to take you home just call us on 01738 580058 or ask your driver for a price.
  9. I am on the top floor of my building and cannot see out on the street how do I know my taxi has arrived?
    If you can provide us with a mobile number we will ring your mobile phone a couple of times to let you know that your taxi is approaching.
  10. What happens if you do not answer my call?
    Perth Radio Taxis have a fantastic record when answering customer calls and on average over 99% of our calls are answered within 4 seconds. The only time I would expect you having to wait on an answer is if the weather is particularly bad.
  11. Can you pick up my children on their own and how do I know they will be safe?
    Of course we will pick up your children, Perth Radio Taxis have contracts with the several local schools as well as the Social Work Department. Perth Radio Taxis drivers who will pick your children up will have gone through a Full Disclosure Scotland check to ensure their safety.
  12. How can I keep in touch with what is happening at Radio Taxis?
    We love keeping our customers informed about what is happening at Perth Radio Taxis whether it be about new technology, what is going on at our local charity or what streets are closed. All this information can be found on our Facebook page.


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