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Ringback, textback, track your car service

Customers receive a text when car is booked to confirm the details of the journey.  When the car is despatched a text is sent with a web link, which when clicked lets the customer track the car. On the rare occasion that there has been an error with your booking this can be rectified. This allows real time GPS tracking for all cars for both the customers and the business.  

On arrival the customer can clearly see their car as the colour type etc is on the text. There is also the ringback service for those nights when you don’t want to be waiting around outside, to let you know the car has arrived.

We are finding these extras to be a massive help when items are lost or a parent wants to track a teenager on the way home. It also offers peace of mind for all concerned. We have already found this to be an asset to the business and something that our customers are impressed with. 

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